My name is Steve Werkmeister, and I am a writer, father, husband, and English professor, all of varying success. After a hiatus, I started writing again in spring 2012. Besides poetry, fiction, and essays, I have written a play and manuscripts for two children’s books. Once in a while, I get published.

I have experimented with different aims for StevesofGrass, but I finally decided to focus on my reflections on literature and pop culture. I have a lot of notes on the various texts I’ve taught, and I thought this might be a good place to park them. When I first went to college a long, long time ago and began taking English courses, I didn’t declare a major; I entered a discipleship. This is what sets English–and I would argue other Humanities and Liberal Arts majors–apart. Literature is life; any job that comes of it is beside the point.


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