Recent Publications

“Native Son” (poem). New Plains Review Online Exclusive July 2017.

Wrecked: A Novel in Fragments (short story collection). Amazon CreateSpace (also available on Kindle).

“Kittens” (fiction). The Acentos Review August 2017.

“Gulfs: an unstory” (fiction). Escapism Literary Magazine Summer 2017.

“Detasseling” (poem). Silver Birch Press [My First Job series] 7 May 2017.

“Beginning” (poem). The Cresset: A Review of Literature, the Arts, and Public Affairs Advent-Christmas 2016 (Vol LXXX, No 2). The Cresset

The Unauthorized Autobiography: Composed of Fragments, Distortions, Mythologies, & Lies (poetry collection) (PunksWritePoemsPress). It can be purchased through Amazon ( or through the publisher’s website (

[Not a publication per se, but I have a YouTube channel that consists of me reading poems, mostly from my collection The Unauthorized Autobiography: Composed of Fragments, Distortions, Mythologies, & Lies (PunksWritePoemsPress). You can find it at]

“Meet the Author: Steve Werkmeister” (interview) Sun Star (June 2016). Sun Star interview

“Tribes” and “Uncertainty Principle” (poems) The Progressive Standard 13 June 2016

“Going Home” (fiction) Sun Star 1.1 (Spring 2016). Sun Star Lit [nominated for Pushcart Prize]

“Drive-Thru Poetry” (poem) River Poets Journal Special Edition: Signature Poems. 10.1 (2016). Judith Lawrence, ed.

“Austin” (poem) See Into the Dark: Slim Volume (Vol. 4). Kate Garrett, ed. Pankhearst.

“Woman at the Well” (poem) Rat’s Ass Review (Spring 2016). RAR

“Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Crucifixion” (poem) Windhover: A Journal of Christian Literature 20 (Feb 2016). Print. Windhover

“Without Sin” (poem) Culture Cult: A Magazine of Arts, Literature, and Culture 1.3 (Winter 2015-16). Print/PDF CultureCult

“Passing” (poem) Blue Monday Review. 3.1 (Winter 2016). Print. BMR

“Delsey” (poem) Stoneboat Literary Journal. 6.1 (Fall 2015). Print. stoneboat

“Field of Folk” (fiction) Limestone: Art. Prose. Poetry.

“King of the Road” (poem) The Lake

“Shades” (fiction) Pankhearst Raw

“Advice to a Young Poet” (poem) Wilda Morris Poetry Challenge

“Winding Sheet” (poem) Silver Birch Press [All About My Name series]

“Wine” (poem) Mind’s Eye Spring 2015. Print.

“Feeding the Five Thousand” (poem) Mind’s Eye Spring 2015. Print.

“Not Believe” (poem) Relief: A Christian Literary Expression 7.2 (Winter 2013). Print.

“George Foreman’s Dog” (essay). Kansas English: Journal of the Kansas Association of Teachers of English. Spring 2012. Print.

The Voice of the Hammer: The Meaning of Work in Middle English Literature by Nicola         Masciandaro” (review). Mystics Quarterly 34.1/2 (January/April 2008). 88-90.

“Beating” (poem).  Telling Tongues: A Latin@ Anthology on Language Experience.

            Louis Mendoza and Toni Nelson-Herrera, eds.  National City, CA: Calacas P,

            2007. Print.

 “Tangle” (poem).  Nerve Cowboy 20 (2005).  Fall 2005. Print.

“shithole” (poem).  Plains Song Review IV (2002).  Spring 2002. Print.

“Cusp” (poem).  Touchstone 31 (1999).  Spring 1999. Print.


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